09 March, 2012

There is little else more dangerous than a moron with a sense of validation.

The G.O.P.  are doing a fine job of alienating actual republicans who are not comfortable with the ever increasing religious zealotry that has taken a hold of that political party.

One participant said:
I'm actually leaving the party until the GOP can get the religious zealots completely out of the decision making process. They're heading down a seriously dangerous path and I refuse to support the further degeneration of the party's actual principles which have nothing to do with invasion of my uterus.
 In response, I offered this observation and also asked: "What will you do with your hiatus in the meantime?"
Because Religious Zealots are the easiest to pander to... They are the low hanging fruit in the world of politics.... Well any venture that needs a customer base that will believe anything you tell them...

The G.O.P. stopped being 'Republican' about 30 years ago... The only recent change is that the pandering and zealotry have become so glaringly obvious that only the
low hanging fruit are the ones to stupid to see it happening and / or are happy for the attention / recognition. There is little else more dangerous than a moron with a sense of validation. And in the meantime these same imbeciles have decided to get involved in the process to the point where they drown out the actual republican agenda.

This same religiously zealous mindset is what has (relatively recently) given the Muslim world the reputation it is currently beleaguered with - And that the current G.O.P. props its self up as patently against what they are ultimately striving for attaining - Should be enough to frighten any who can do simple deductive math.

While religion has made sure that government is never allowed to encroach upon it... These very same agendas have made sure that they are able to encroach upon the government and its people. 

Who is the victim?

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