22 July, 2012

The only possible defense a society could possibly have against a tyrannical government is a well armed populace.

Considering what our government has done... It only makes sense that it would popularize a fear of firearms. This makes legislating them out of the hands of the public all the easier.

04 July, 2012

COPY/PASTE problems? It's 'tynt'

I got fed up with how some sites add their  URL's to what ever you COPY/PASTE.

You COPY info from a site... PASTE it elsewhere and at the end of your paste you get somemthing like:

"Read more: http://www......" stuff

The fix I found was to add the following to the filter list in AdBlock Plus:
 ~~ Yes... That is preceded with a 'pipe' character (the shifted backslash key)

You can also edit your computers HOSTS file so that it covers all of your browsers.... Add this line: tcr.tynt.com