22 December, 2021

APC by Schneider - GIU locked up

Issue / Symptom:

The APC web interface / GUI shows this, after attempting to log in:

"The maximum number of web connections has been reached."


The only way to resolve this is via telnet…

Note: This command will enable telnet - (needed if you get an error about 'telnet' not being a recognized command):

pkgmgr /iu:"TelnetClient"

How to get connected - Open a CMD prompt and:

telnet <UPS IP address> 23

User Name: apc

Password: apc (this is the default password - you should change this, AND disable FTP*)

This command will list all of the open sessions:


This is the format for deleting sessions:

session -d <all session ID's other than the telnet session>


session -d <the telnet session>


session -d 17

session -d 18

session -d 20

session -d 21

session -d 22

session -d 23

session -d 36

session -d 39

session -d 63

* Disable FTP...
Configuration > Network > FTP Server: 'Enable' (uncheck)