01 November, 2011

Folder naming issue when importing PST Files with GAMME.

Just so this is easy to find...

In response to a Google Apps question - I was able to post a resolution:

Folder naming issue when importing PST Files with GAMME.

Here is the resolution:

I pressed Google for escalation on this problem... Their first reply was useless (reflecting the same sentiment that mjg76 conveyed) so I shot back.

They provided a parameter that can be used in the command line GAMME. 

I run these for Exchange migrations but hadn't done one for a PST. We will be migrating some 1200 users, so I had to test locally. It does work (sure made me happy!!!)


Found in the admin guide at:


It runs as a batch (.bat) file.

Other than the 'change directory item' - This is a ONE LINE command - for instance:


cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google Apps Migration"

.\ExchangeMigration.exe --nouse_gui --noenable_label_prefix --exchange_admin_login="administrator@domain.com" --source_server="your IP goes here" --google_domain="domain.com" --filename="C:\~path\to\user\list~\PST_test.csv" --pst_base_folder="C:\~path\to\PST\folder" --google_consumer_key="domain.com" --google_consumer_secret="*********************"


Of course, this too:

The folder structure for all PST's is set up as follows:

Folders - One folder for each account. This folder name MUST reflect the users google email account address, and it has to contain the associated PST for that account.

Naming the PST is not crucial... But if it is not named to somehow reflect the account, it is difficult to monitor progress.

may@domain.com (folder)

     may@domain.com.PST (file)

joe@domain.com (folder)

     joe@domain.com.PST (file)

pat@domain.com (folder)

     pat@domain.com.PST (file)

And further, though not needed per se':

PST migrate is pretty straight-forward. The 'one-off' method provided some flexibility if needed

If doing a one-to-one migration, the folder that has the individual PST must be named to match the target account. 

The PST its self can be named whatever – it does not matter as long as it is in the correct folder. In such a case the user list will look like this:




If the migration is some sort of one-off…

The folder name doesn't matter and neither does the name of the PST.

In that  case the user list can look like this (source folder name, target account):




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