15 February, 2011

Windows 7 IPv6 workaround...

This command is useful to prevent Windows from generating a temporary that temporary IPv6 address. Even when you have a static IP, Windows 7 insists on generating a temporary IPv6 address.

From the (run as admin) command line:

netsh interface ipv6 set interface "Local Area Connection" routerdiscover=disabled

Once completed, the command returns this:

04 February, 2011

The Argument from Ignorance

Ran across this in an article:
(link and article below the quote)

This problem is called the argument from ignorance (“it must be true because it has not been proven false”) or sometimes the argument from personal incredulity (“because I cannot imagine a natural explanation, there cannot be one”). Such fallacious reasoning comes up so often in my encounters with believers that I conclude it must be a product of a brain unsatisfied with doubt; as nature abhors a vacuum, so, too, does the brain abhor no explanation. It therefore fills in one, no matter how unlikely.