30 January, 2013


Presuppositional mechanisms tend to whip those who ride them...

Though the beaten are so used to the lashings, that they insist that the welts are proof of their victory.

Insisting that proof is not needed, until such a time comes that there is a need to disprove them...

At which point... They then, in turn, insist on proof that their own claims are without merit.

Theists are an odd lot eh?

21 January, 2013

How to Field Dress a human carcass

Things You'll Need

Essential tools:

  • A sharp knife It is more important that you are comfortable with your knife and that it is sharp than what type of knife it is. Despite what you see in movies, a shorter knife is usually easier than a huge one!
  • Disposable gloves
  • A few bags You will want a bag to carry your trash out in, and a large one in case you want to save the liver/heart/kidneys.
  • A strong stomach Don't kill anything that you don't plan on taking care of!
  • At least 20-30 minutes if you have never done it before. If you are new to dressing a human being, take your time and be safe!
  • A friend or peer Having someone help you makes things go faster and easier.
  • Water and some paper towels In case you need to clean yourself up afterward.
  • Drag rope Helps you in dressing and in dragging the body out!
  • A heavy knife, and/or bone saw, or zip saw if you prefer to cut through bones. This is totally optional. Some of the best field dresses I've seen didn't use these.
  • A rope, vehicle, and appropriate tree or hanging platform if you prefer to dress the person while they hang.

Method 1

  1. Make sure the person is dead. If they are not dead, shoot them again; pointing in a safe direction. DO NOT try to approach a wounded victim to cut its throat. They can behave erratically and may be very strong.
  2. Once the person is confirmed dead, wear gloves during the process to prevent disease.
  3. Lay the body on its back. Find its sternum. Cut from sternum to crotch, penetrating the hide and the membrane below. Do not, however, pierce the guts.
  4. Pull the guts out, starting from the crotch, while also cutting the membranes linking the innards to the spine. Take care not to cut too close to the spine or you may cut the tenderloins.
  5. Keep pulling guts and cut the diaphragm. Don't be shocked if a lot of blood spills. It's expected.
  6. Find the last membranes holding the guts inside the body, sever them, and pull the guts free.
  7. Cut through the center of the pelvic bone using a zip saw, bone saw or by pounding your knife through. Cut the skin around the anus and pull the colon out of the body cavity.
  8. The heart, lungs, liver, and anus can be removed now, but you may find it is convenient to remove them later.
  9. You can save the liver and heart if you like to eat it. Surprisingly it is very good.
  10. It is much easier if you put the feet above its head when dragging

Method 2 (the easy way for wooded areas):

  1. Definitely put on rubber gloves.
  2. Have a heavy duty rope available in your vehicle.
  3. Tie the rope to the neck. Throw the other end over a stout tree branch a foot or two above head high.
  4. Pull the body up off the ground so the legs are barely touching, either by hand or with a 4-wheeler or other vehicle.
  5. If not mounting the head, cut the throat all the way to the wind pipe so that it falls down into the body cavity.
  6. Start an incision at the crotch, going all the way up to the beginning the sternum if mounting the head. Otherwise, cut all the way up through the ribs to one side of the sternum.
  7. If mounting the head, reach up in the body cavity as far as you can and cut the wind pipe from the inside.
  8. Pull the wind pipe down so that it falls into the body cavity and cut the first membrane. The guts will fall down to the second membrane.
  9. Cut the second membrane and the guts will fall out on the ground.
  10. Do as suggested above squeezing feces out of the intestine, cutting it and tying it off. Also, be careful of the bladder.
  11. If you have a gallon of water, you can now wash a lot of the blood out of the body cavity.
  12. Let the body back down to the ground and you're through. This is a much easier and cleaner method than trying to clean the body laying on the ground.


  • Cutting and spreading the rib cage makes it a bit easier to get all the guts out and cut the wind pipe, and also helps the body cavity cool quicker.
  • The job's easier if you use a sharp knife with a gut hook.
  • Gloves prevent the spread of disease.
  • Be aware if your area has people with Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and what to do if you suspect your victim has it.

(Yes - I know it is a sick joke... But I don't like deer meat)

Cognition becomes threatened

Once a theist fully comprehends what 'atheist' means ... 
Their own cognition becomes threatened.

Such comprehension insists on understanding a reality that does not rely on supernatural identities and formal administration of such entities attitudes and actions by those who insist they are duly appointed.

Lacking such objectivity leaves the victim to rely on, and worship ignorance and vapid assumptions.

11 January, 2013

Same as it ever was... Letting the days go by.

While the 'Global flood', 'Noah and the Ark' are assuredly 'post office' style story telling hyperbole...
A flood did occur...

At the time... THAT was their world.
The waters completely flooded over 60,000 square miles of the what was peoples homes and farms in the Northern (outlaying) edge of the 'Fertile Crescent'. 
Look at these areas (40.27, 51.58 https://goo.gl/maps/n2FTaiuXhxnsVLWB7)
 (The easiest way to visualize this is to drop the above GPS co-ordinates in to Google maps {or click the link}, and when not in satellite mode you can select terrain... Zoom in)

In Azerbaijan - The Baku peninsula
In Turkministan - The Bekdash, Turkmenbashi, and Cheleken peninsulas.

The watery area between these points (Now part of the Caspian Sea, the largest LAKE in the world) used to be part of a chain of mountains / hills.
Lots of context has to be applied to get to the root of the 'Flood' story.

More importantly, seeing that area where the Caspian broke through (circa) 12,000 - 10,000 years ago adds a huge and comprehensive dimension to how significant and devastating that flood event was.

Either by erosion or seismic activity, that portion of higher ground that held back the
Caspian, began to give way about 12,000 - 10,000 years ago, flooding a HUGE area of land to the south that probably killed everyone in the area. At the very least, it laid to waste the livelihood of thousands of people.

This geologic event was devastating. And news of it would have impacted most of the population of the 'Fertile Crescent'... This area is after all, the 'Seat of civilization, where the Agrarian society we live in has its roots.

The story about this 'Flood' has survived by 'post office' re-tellings to both the gullible and the skeptical. In order for this story to have survived this long - It was inevitable for elements to have evolved, and additional details to have been added.

Explaining to someone that there was a HUGE flood would have given the impression that HUGE meant the world, and to these people, it WAS their whole world.

At some point, the 'Noah' character was put into the story... This is easy enough to understand...

As any skeptic would be inclined to disbelieve such a story because there were plenty of animals and people around - That is addressed by explaining that a man built a boat for him, his family and his animals.

Can you see where this is going?

'The Flood' DID happen, the story was hijacked by Judeo-Christian political hacks.

Many of these stories from the Old Testament do have relevance once the supernatural elements are removed and examined for their content.

Here is another example regarding the story of Job: