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T he atheist rejects the claim that there is a
supernatural entity or force that interacts with existence...
Because it is a claim without basis.

Atheism makes no claims whatsoever.
Atheism asserts nothing.
Atheism IS NOT an act or an action
IT IS a position
 It has no objective.
Comparatively / Conversely:
Anti-theism IS an act or an action
 It IS NOT a position
 It has an objective.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Active Directory SID lookup.

Some notes on how to figure out what a specific AD SID value belongs to.

I was asked why a specific SID was showing up in an applications Security Alert logs.

That logging system tells the user that it is probably a 'Brute Force' attack from:

I used GetADUser to filter for that SID... Nothing.

I opened up my search, and looked at all AD objects, but the SID value was not apparent.
Here is where I ended up:

$SID_Value = "S-1-5-21-436374069-117609710-839522115-6608"
Get-ADObject -Filter "objectSid -eq '$SID_Value'"

Saw that it WAS a Computer object - So, more details as follows:

Get-ADComputer ((Get-ADObject -Filter "objectSid -eq '$SID_Value'").Name)

Friday, January 4, 2019

Powershell array to CSV file

The easiest way to drop a Powershell array into a CSV file...

$Array | Out-File $SaveLocation -Append -Encoding Ascii

Assigning the text format is the trick - the CSV has to be in ANSI.

And just Out-File save it as a CSV