14 June, 2012

The economy of ecology

An ECONOMY is useless without an ECOLOGY!

Backing out of 'ecological responsibility' by claiming that it is not 'economically feasible' is short sighted and misguided.

13 June, 2012

Copyright Pandering

The thing is... Neither law enforcement nor the legal system is ever required to provide protection towards or for anything or anyone.

Ultimately (in the U.S.A. anyway) protection is a personal responsibility.

Hopefully the courts begin to espouse this edict to those IP holders who insist the court protect them from their own shortcomings.

After all, the courts did not force the IP holder to produce a product that is apparently an easy target for theft / piracy.

For the same reason that it is not the courts responsibility to keep thieves from walking in to a house that has no doors. DRM is not the door.... It is a drape thrown over the opening that is swept away when the wind picks up.

Conjectured indignation

Interesting how any and all who criticize Israel are automatically accused of being anti-Semites or anti-Zionists.

The separation between The religion of David and the political hacks that hide behind that religion (to avoid criticism) needs to be pointed out.

Israeli Nationalism seems to teach that any and all of its critics must automatically hate Jews... And that is simply not the case!

Conjectured indignation is childish and uncalled for. The approach invokes several 'logical fallacies'

11 June, 2012

May I have your attention please...

You ever notice that when someone says: 
"May I have your attention please..."

They NEVER give it back when they are done!

You never hear: 
"Thank you for your attention.... You can have it back now."