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Friday, September 20, 2013


Japan's Little Pebble Commune

The Little Pebble Commune is the weirdest sex cult in the world, patiently awaiting secret messages from the Virgin Mary, lubing up a pregnant woman's nude body with yogurt and then having sex with her at an altar while the other members look on patiently. There's also the fact that a former priest, excommunicated by the Pope himself, who also happens to be a convicted child molester -- sentenced to more than three years for assaulting a fifteen-year-old -- performs the ceremony. 

The Satanists of Ash Tree 

The Satanists of Ash                        Tree
Colin Batley once said: "Some of the most passionate and permanent attachments have begun with rape." It is somewhat unsurprising then that in 2011, this fringe group (who has decided this is a fringe group, and how is that the same or different from a cult? Again, we have the same naming issues) leader was convicted of 35 sex offenses against children and young adults, landing him in prison for 22 years.

 The Raelians

The Raelians
Raelism is a UFO-based religion (according to their website) in which extraterrestrials, called Elohim, promised earthlings peace and sex robots. It was formed by Claude Vorilhon, who used to be a singer and race car driver, changed his name to Rael and now dresses like a sci-fi geek. Raelists practice free love and sensual meditation while they wait for the mothership to return.

The House Of Yahweh 

The House Of Yahweh
Cult leader Yisrayl "Buffalo Bill" Hawkins is mainly known for believing he could predict the date the world would end, but maybe that was just a cover for the illegal sex acts. Hawkins was arrested for bigamy in 2008 for having four wives, although the charges were dismissed due to the expiration of the statue of limitations. Another member, elder Yedidiyah Hawkins, was found guilty of aggravated sexual assault of his then 14-year-old stepdaughter.

Children Of God  

Children Of God
The group reportedly used seduction to recruit new members
One of the "tune in and drop out" cults of the 60s, this group is known for allegations of strange sexual behavior. In the 70s and 80s, they engaged in a practice called "Flirty Fishing." Basically, this means women converts seducing men, telling them about this great new group they should check out, and the dudes showing up at the group looking to get laid again and getting sucked in. In the 90s, one of their leaders said that child-adult sex was not inherently wrong. Women members are encouraged to think about Jesus during sex or masturbation, and imagine that He is working his magic on them. Men are simply encouraged to imagine women, because imagining Jesus, as a guy, would apparently cross the line.

Chronicles of Gor 

Chronicles of Gor
A series of 1960s fantasy novels, Chronicles of Gor inspired the sadomasochistic life of Lee Thompson, a self-styled "sex master". Thompson not only paraded his girlfriend through town on a leash but was sentenced to three years in prison for sexual coercion after forcing his other lovers to have sex with other men against their will — once, just so he could use a computer in a cybercafé without paying.

The Alleged Cannibals of Papa New Guinea 

The Alleged Cannibals                        of Papa New Guinea
Are you in the market for a sex cult where members kill "sorcerers" and then enjoy a light supper of raw brains and penis soup? Then this Papa New Guinea cannibal sex cult just might be for you. This blood-drinking, penis-soup-making cult became public knowledge when the police raided their Biamb village in the summer of 2012, and arrested 29 people, eight of them women, on murder charges. The leader of the cult has not yet been found; meanwhile, their trial proceeds.

Ohio Sex Group 

Ohio Sex Group
Four Ohio men were charged with "masterminding beard and hair-cutting attacks" on fellow Amish people. During the trial, one witness alleged that Samuel Mullet, the group's alleged ringleader, was coercing members of his community to turn over their wives to him for counseling. This "counseling" allegedly consisted of non-consensual sex and physical punishments, such as locking the woman in a chicken coop in midwinter. Mullet was not been charged on those grounds; however, he was convicted of encouraging the assaults on his fellow Amish and faces ten years in jail.

The Warren Jeffs LDS Offshoot 

The Warren Jeffs LDS                        Offshoot
Polygamist and cult leader Warren Jeffs is serving a 130-year sentence for systematic child sexual assault and marrying off underage girls. From his jail cell, he informed his 10,000 followers that the "no sex ban" is to remain in place until further notice. One of the cornerstones of Jeffs' group is that there are 15 men who have been "chosen" to father all the future children of his church.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The earliest of limitations.

So if there is no proof for 'evolution'...

There is even less 'proof' for whatever other explanations are being offered.

The biggest problem with the justifications for discarding 'evolution' are that they are founded upon assertions that have their roots firmly planted in a mythology / belief system that originated when humans still had very limited abilities to evaluate their environment...

Among other things... At the time, these peoples did not even know there was a North or South America. Nor were they aware of earths movement... The list of what these peoples could not have known is endless...

At the very least, there is nothing compelling to give credence to one explanation or the other...

Though 'evolution' does have the advantage of relying upon newer information.

Even the slightest modicum of reasoning should be capable of valuing newer information over what was offered from a necessarily limited perspective.

It is unfair to judge or criticize those who created the earliest of explanations... They did the best they could with what they had at hand.

The process of 'the best they could with what they had at hand.' continues to this day.

Refusing to appreciate the continued efforts, by out-of-hand dismissing those efforts, is an insult to humanities ongoing abilities to observe, understand and learn.

Such dismissals actively damage humanities ability to observe, understand and learn.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

What does 'writing' look like?

So, what does 'writing' look like?


This is specifically Ancient Greek, and is my favourite passage in that language. I'll give a bonus ten points to anyone who can tell me what it is. It's interesting to note that outside of Greece, most people know Greek letters from either a Bible passage ('I am the Alpha and the Omega' Revelation 22:13) or from maths and sciences. Why do we use Greek letters in those fields? Because the characters are fairly easy to find, many people used to know both Latin and Greek, and it gave us an extra 48 characters to assign meanings to.


The oldest writing system known, the Sumerian cuneiform was written using a triangular stick (a cuneus) which was pressed into clay to form these wedge shapes. It began as a pictorial system ('cow' was a drawing of a cow, etc.) but later transformed into abstract glyphs. It, through a ridiculous five thousand plus year journey, arrived at the Latin script you're currently reading.


There are more variants of Arabic than stars in the sky (including a number of variants for languages entirely unrelated to Arabic itself, like Farsi or Pashto). It's interesting in part because vowels are, as a general rule, not written. T wld b lk wrttng n Nglsh smthng lk ths. And you wonder why Arabic is considered difficult for English-speakers to learn? By the way.... I DO in fact know that there are more stars in the sky than variants of Arabic. It's hyperbole. Exaggeration. Deliberate rhetorical overstatement. You can stop telling me that there are a lot of stars.


The first of a large number of the scripts on this list which are distantly related to a single ancestral script known as the Br hm+ alphabet, which in turn is a very distant relative of our Latin script.


Another relative of that Br hm+ script, Burmese has its distinct curving shape because instead of being written with pen and ink, it was written on the surface of palm leaves which tore when you drew straight lines. Burmese is not related to the languages of India like Hindi, Gujarati, etc., and is actually a distant relative of Mandarin and Cantonese.


The Cherokee writing system was one of the only scripts on this list invented by one person, and is also one of the newest scripts on this list, at just over 200 years old. It was invented by Sequoyah (ᏍᏏᏉᏯ) when he found the colonists reading their language using what he called 'leaves'. He went and, over the course of a number of years, developed this script entirely from scratch without knowing how to read the writing of the colonists. It's for this reason that, while the letters may look familiar, they are entirely different to their English look-alikes. For example, Ꭰ is a, Ꭱ is e, Ꮓ is no, Ꮃ is la, etc. This is also a good example of a syllabary, a point I'll explain below.


Developed by missionaries, the Canadian Aboriginal Syllabary (as it's formally known) is used to write many of the native languages of Canada, although in a number of variants. Each character represents not a word or a single sound, but a syllable. The various smaller letters alter syllables to add an extra consonant that doesn't have a vowel of its own.


A relative of Greek, Coptic is the liturgical script and language of most Egyptian Christians. It's a distant relative, although not too distant, of our own Latin script, and was influenced by a number of centuries of distance from Greece.


With an alphabet that's been around since around 400 CE, Armenian is one of the most distinct relatives of the majority of other European languages. Most language in Europe are part of the Indo-European family, with farflung relatives throughout the Middle-East and India. Oddly, Basque, Hungarian, Finnish, and Estonian are completely unrelated to the rest of European languages, with the last three all related to one another, and Basque with no known relatives.


There is no one language 'Chinese', but instead a number of related languages all written using similar but not identical writing systems. Each character represents a word or part of a word, although it's not a simple relationship, and very few characters are 'pictures' of what they read as, with a lot of complexities that get overlooked a lot of the time when people first hear about Chinese writing.