23 March, 2012

I'm offended!

If you are not willing to accommodate 
Righteous Indignation and Cognitive Dissonance
  - you are a bad person!!!

Anything less than complete acquiescence to the insecurities of others

is just hateful and god will punish you to hell for your sins!

Paradigm shift...
This indignation is clung to thusly...:

I prefer to find any reason I can to become indignant and dejected when a set of facts
refuse to fit into the Forced Narrative I have been duped into calling my reality.

I know that I'm a better person for maintaining the highest level of fidelity towards
my Cognitive Dissonance by refusing to defend or even examine my opinions.

The purest form of truth and reason come from insisting that any
~ who try and make me introspective or question my perspectives ~
are lying to me and there is nothing of value in their opinions.

Steve Hughes:#Steve

The entire routine (the bit about being offended starts at 3:32) #SteveFull

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