14 March, 2012


There is NO truth to this statement:

"This country was founded on the belief in one true God."

Anyone who insists to the contrary is attempting "to change our country's history or heritage"...

Here's is the history...


Mono-theism was not a consideration whatsoever in any part of North Americas 'discovery' or establishment. It was completely for financial reasons.

After first unsuccessfully approaching John II, King of Portugal in 1485 - Then subsequently failing to convince Italy, after quite a bit of wrangling... In 1492 Columbus finally succeeded in convincing the King and Queen of Spain (King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella) that he could find a more efficient trade route route to Asia...

Well before the Pilgrimage of the Puritans in late 1620. The Eastern portions of North and South America were dotted with French and Spanish settlements / encampments starting in the early to mid 1500's.

This countries history does included events that included pious individuals and groups... But that is about it.

The Plymouth Colony was established in 1620. Their leadership came from a religious congregation of Puritans who had fled a volatile political environment in the East Midlands of England for the relative calm and tolerance of Holland in the Netherlands. Concerned with losing their cultural identity, the group later arranged with English investors to establish a new colony in North America. The Plymouth colony was a British settlement and the second successful English settlement (after the founding of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607). (sic: 'http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilgrim_%28Plymouth_Colony%29')

The Plymouth colony was made possible, because of (you guessed it) its potential financial gain by English business men. This arrangement was VERY successful... All was fine until the Revolution against England. This revolution laid the ground work for what is now one of the most powerful Nations on the planet.

Even the revolution was motivated by money / taxes... Not mono-theism.

Heck!!! Read up on what Thomas Jefferson had to say on the subject and remember that HE was a well pronounced voice of the Populist. Denying that part of our nations history is the same as trying to change it. And You cant do that!  Although, they are doing so in Texas:


Including Jefferson, the writings of the rest of the Constitutions authors are just as compelling: Gouverneur Morris, John Dickinson, John Adams, Thomas Paine (who BTW, wrote a publication called "Common Sense"), Edmund Randolph, James Madison, Roger Sherman, James Wilson, and George Wythe... See what they had to say about religion...

These are the founding fathers of our country inasmuch as it was their minds, perspectives and intellect that created the documents used to create its government.

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