06 March, 2023

'Bookmarklets' (JavaScript bookmark) - Search for Dell 'Service Tags', or 'Service Code'

 I think 'Bookmarklets' have fallen out of fashion - But I still find them handy -

I just made one for Dell.com - To look for service tags, but it also works for the longer 'Service Code' too.

This pops up a window / prompt asking for the (Dell) 'Service Tag', then pulls up the info about it, on the Dell Support site.

The result opens in a new tab.

There are a few caveats* to note - So 'Bookmarklets' can be used in modern browsers (listed below)

There's a few reasons I put this together - Mostly to make it easier to get info on a Dell computers warranty...
Less clicks, no dropdowns... Takes me right to the pertinent info.

Here is the basis:

Here is the 'Bookmarklet':
javascript:(function(){var input=window.prompt("Dell Service Tag #:%22);var%20targetUrl=%22https://www.dell.com/support/search/en-us#q=%22;input=input.replace(/\s/g,%20%22%22);if(input)window.open(targetUrl+input)})();

If you are not familiar with how 'Bookmarklets' work...

You are creating a new Bookmark / Favorite... So open the new Bookmark / new Favorite dialog up, to start...

Your call - I put mine on the 'Bookmarks Bar'/ 'Favorites Bar'...

Copy / pasta the entire JavaScript line, as the URL for new Bookmark / Favorite, and give it a name (I called it 'Dell Tag?').

Save it.

When you click on this Bookmark / Favorite, a dialog opens - Enter in the Dell 'Service Tags', or 'Service Code' and click 'OK' or hit enter...

* Caveats:

  • It behaves pretty straight forward in Edge, and Firefox, but in Chrome, it was blocked as a pop-up, so I had to click on that notification, and 'Allow' it.
  • Also - JavaScript is not enabled / allowed on the 'New Tab' page - So this will not work until some / any other webpage is loaded.

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