11 July, 2015

Socialism in a Republic

I laugh at how the Right counts on the ability to characterize what 'Socialism' is.

They count on the ability to feed other peoples ignorance by redefining and repainting definitions in order to run a forced narrative that relies on fear mongering and misdirection.

Anyone who submits themselves to the demonizing of 'Socialism' as a result - Should consider themselves ignorant.

Among other things, the roads they drive on, the schools they attended as kids, the fire and police are all examples of Socialism.

Socialism and Communism are NOT the same things.

The entire concept of the 'American Republic' is a construct that cannot exist without co-operative efforts that are inherently 'Socialistic'.

That co-operative / 'Socialistic' element is vital to creating and maintaining a functioning infrastructure, and it plays heavily into the ability to retain livable wages as well.

Kind of odd that the same agenda that is working to mis-charicterize and demonize the concept, is the same one working to defund infrastructure, lower wages, interfere with the free flow of information on the internet, and run a never ending war.

The co-operative / 'Socialistic' construct is not a construct that saturates, it just folds into other concepts and fills gaps where individual efforts and / or dominance either cannot address an issue or become problematic.

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