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T he atheist rejects the claim that there is a
supernatural entity or force that interacts with existence...
Because it is a claim without basis.

Atheism makes no claims whatsoever.
Atheism asserts nothing.
Atheism IS NOT an act or an action
IT IS a position
 It has no objective.
Comparatively / Conversely:
Anti-theism IS an act or an action
 It IS NOT a position
 It has an objective.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

7 (Seven)

I don't see any reason to 'claim' that there 'are no gods'...

I'm of the mind that there is still / yet nothing to warrant considering the 'claim' that 'there is / are gods'.

I am 100% certain that the ~'claim' that 'there is / are gods'.~ is warrantless.

For one to be less certain, they would first need to see some value in the claim made by theists in the first place.

They (theists) might as well be announcing that:
Everyone has six arms, but that we are not able to see all of them, because our brains only allow us to see two at a time...

I am 100% certain that such a claim has no value... And that such a claim is made, is not enough to give cause.

If all it takes for a claim to warrant consideration, is that the 'claim' be made... A slippery slope is created that runs in all directions simultaneously.

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