14 February, 2014

A long gone Glob of Cosmic Primordial Ooze

Theistic inspiration...?

All on the baseless presumption that there is some ambiguous supernatural entity as the underlying cause...

Setting aside whether such an entity ever did have any sort of presence, there is certainly nothing to indicate (beyond conjectured presumptions) that such an entity is available now.

The only constant that theism displays, is an aggressive willingness to assign what is not known, or not fully understood (aka ignorance), unto some ambiguous supernatural entity - And then to worship it.

The end product is a (theist) perspective that insists ignorance is a trait to hold in the highest of esteem.

For all the information we have, and having nothing else to go by, or estimate from... What is it to say that 'all of this' is the result of nothing more than a 'blob of goo' that 'created', and then ceased to exist... Gone now...

The likelihood of there ever having been some supernatural entity involved in creation... Or even the likelihood of whatever started 'all of this' still being around (be it a supernatural entity or glob of goo) are all equally of the same vast collection of unknowns.

Insisting that some supernatural entity is the cause / origin, adds a large number of entirely baseless assumptions onto the question about what the cause / origin  of 'all of this' is.

There are far fewer baseless assumptions in suggesting that the cause / origin  of 'all of this' is a long gone 'glob-of-goo'

Of a long gone Glob of Cosmic Primordial Ooze, us all!


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