17 February, 2014

A Credo...

A credo I learned a long time ago:
The Warrior of merit collects his victory in ways that do not cause others to feel defeat. He wins before the conflict erupts, succeeds before the challenge appears, and possesses his prize before anyone thinks to oppose him.

   ■ Use your weapons with prudence employing them only when the cosmos demands it.
   ■ Use your creativity as the first means of preventing danger.
      ▪ When you cannot prevent, avoid.
      ▪ When you cannot avoid, confuse.
      ▪ When you cannot confuse, dissuade.
      ▪ When you cannot dissuade, hurt.
      ▪ When you cannot hurt, injure.
      ▪ When you cannot injure, maim.
   ■ Only when the scheme of totality demands you be its messenger, kill.

Toshitsugu Takamatsu

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