13 May, 2022

Lansweeper email attachment filters (RegEx)

 Just getting into using Lansweeper's Helpdesk feature...
Working on trimming down what attachments to allow on incoming support emails -

Setting this up is done with RegEx...
Of course, there are no examples inside of the Lansweeper KB, for any of this, and RegEx are non-intuitive, cryptic, and just generally a pain, unless you use it ALL the time.

I don't see any way to ask Lansweeper to add additional content to their KB about this, so I'm putting it here... Plus a way to pop out the correctly formatted RegEx, using PoSh.

On this page: https://<YourLanSweeperURL>/configuration/HelpdeskEmail/

Go to: 'Ignored attachment filters (regular expressions)'

You can test the filter, on that same line of that page, too.

$Start = "^(.(?!.*\.("
$Middle = "jpg|png|bmp|pdf|txt"
$End = ")))*$"

$RegEx_Line = "$Start"+"$Middle"+"$End"

# Result

# Ignored attachment filters (regular expressions)
# On this page: https://<YourLanSweeperURL>/configuration/HelpdeskEmail/

"All attachments in E-mails which match one of these regular expressions will not be saved to the web server."

It is an inverted argument - so that anything that 'matches' gets blocked...
Filename.jpg - No Match! (Allowed)
Filename.png - No Match! (Allowed)
Filename.bmp - No Match! (Allowed)
Filename.pdf - No Match! (Allowed)
Filename.txt - No Match! (Allowed)

Filename.exe - Match found! (Blocked)
Filename.msi - Match found! (Blocked)
Filename.mp4 - Match found! (Blocked)
Filename.xx2 - Match found! (Blocked)

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