01 October, 2015

Demonizing a class of people - Western Media: Dismanteling the Republic.

Some food for thought... 
It is amazing how much control over opinions and perspectives are needed for people to lack the ability to access and / or process these kinds of realities (noted in the video). 
And all it takes is a narrative that demonizes a class of people. 
That's not to say that Islam is other than 'shit'... All religions are 'shit'. 
But an entire class of people are being intentionally demonized to justify a political agenda. 

AND THAT (calculated demonizing) IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE RECOGNIZED.

As the public allows a class of people to be demonized, it opens the door for the demonizing of ANY class of peoples - We need look no further than Nazi Germany to see how dangerous this tactic is. 

We (the public) are being primed to accept that the demonizing of entire classes of people is Status Quo. 

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