22 January, 2014


The ultimate compulsion to invest ones HARD EARNED REALITY unto some ambiguous, undefined, supernatural concept or entity ~ Is fear based.

There is nothing yet presented, that justifies insisting on some 'ambiguous, undefined, supernatural concept or entity' as being responsible for anything we experience.

The only thing established by assigning what we do not know, or fully understand, unto some 'ambiguous, undefined, supernatural concept or entity', is delegating a lack of knowledge... And then worshiping that lack... Putting ignorance on a pedestal.

The human mind abhors a vacuum, and will tend to fill in cognitive gaps with what is most convenient... For many, leaving that gap unfilled is unsettling, so filling in that gap is done to avoid that unsettled feeling... Avoidance is a fear based action.

Of course, that's not even addressing the 'Hell-fire awaits you if you do not repent and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior' - methods used to molest small children in to absorbing the mythology as factual...

Realizing that there is value in NOT ASSIGNING AN UNKNOWN out if ignorance; And rather, realizing that there is need for investigation... Sometimes that leads to a humble shrug of the shoulders... But at least that gap is allowed to remain open, pending information with a justified basis.

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