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T he atheist rejects the claim that there is a
supernatural entity or force that interacts with existence...
Because it is a claim without basis.

Atheism makes no claims whatsoever.
Atheism asserts nothing.
Atheism IS NOT an act or an action
IT IS a position
 It has no objective.
Comparatively / Conversely:
Anti-theism IS an act or an action
 It IS NOT a position
 It has an objective.

Friday, May 17, 2013

I am an idealist

I was told my someone whose opinion I appreciate...
That I am an idealist (is that a bad thing?)

I replied:

If one does not strive for ideals... Then what is there to strive for?
If there is nothing to strive for... Then what is there to live for?
If there is nothing to live for... Then what is left to do?
If there is nothing left to do...

But there is plenty left undone...
I have promised my children... And yours, and the rest...
That I will work to fix the mistakes I have inherited, as well as those I make.

If I neglect my promise, I am less of a person for that failure.
I hope that I am remembered better than that...

I hope that you are too.

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