23 December, 2012

Hats off to Scientology!!!

A revisit on Scientology (the largest 'anti-theist' organization in the world)...

I paint this picture in order to offer some additional and underlying perspectives. With the goal of mitigating some level of angst that some Atheists or Anti-theists may hold or encounter.

I'm not willing to advocate the methods that Scientology employs… But I do see (in Scientology) what looks to be an intentional attempt to exact the very same scam as every other religion… Though with an ulterior motive…

I am fairly certain that L. Ron Hubbard had a very thick vendetta against organized religion (as did many of his contemporaries), and that this was the basis for introducing Scientology…

I tend to suspect that Scientology's ultimate goal is to (employing the most brutal methods they can) make a mockery of religion. The end result being that it causes a magnification of the problems religion has created.

Hubbards last laugh will come when ALL religions are put in a position where their abuses can no longer happen.

Either religions will be taxed in to non-existence or outright forced from existence once their machinations are unavoidably splayed open - Here is where the work of Scientology begins.

Scientology will be able to fly ITS flags just as long as other 'religions' do.

That Scientology employs the same moral platitudes to achieve this as what other religions use to maintain their identity is not a coincidence… Considering the paradigm, Scientology is irony at its finest and most honest.

Hubbard is saying: 

 'If Other religions are allowed to do it... You will have to stop them before you will ever be able to stop me.' 
And with that, I am confident that the upper level management of Scientology know this as well.

Their end game is to do everything possible to show the world what an ugly, hateful, and violent  farce religion is... By becoming an unadulterated mockery of religion under the same channels and guise of legitimacy that all religions depend on.

This approach will hopefully / eventually de-legitimize all religions by way of proving that they all have the same inherent contempt for humanity. This demise will hopefully extend to any and all philosophies that have been hijacked, codified, edified, and perverted into a pre-packaged and administered product. A.K.A religion.

I hope Scientology dies the same death as all of the other contemptuous shams that purport themselves as religions! And I further hope (for the sake of all of us and our children) that the implosion happens soon!

So, in that regard… Hats off to Scientology. May your death be celebrated!

(The sentiment here has appeared as comments made by me in other / previous Google Plus threads)

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