07 March, 2022

The Book of Job

Don't take the story of Job so literally - It's not like there was a journalist there writing everything down...

Stripped down to its core... The story is a lesson - It tells the student to not have a shitty attitude - because doing so just generates misery.

Otherwise stated... What consumes your thoughts, controls your life.

It is probably one of my favorite stories ever.

The story / lesson it is passing along is some very powerful advice that anyone can benefit from. Hence its tenacity.

Just because religiofucktards call it theirs is no reason to disavow its intent.

It is at least 8000 years old (probably out-dating King Hammurabis' code) and was (as most stories were) passed by word of mouth up until about 1700 years ago. The original story was not likely to have been centered around supernatural mono-theistic entities... Whereas, mono-theisim is about 5000-3000 years old.

The Jewish faith managed to hijack much of Sumerian mythology along with that cultures oral histories and parables... Including the story of 'Job'... And still Hebrews insist 'collectively' to call it all 'Jewish' / ''Torah' - Talk about plagiarism!!!

Removing all of the Judaeo-Christian bullshit and referring to the symbolisms as they were called out in antiquity - This is the lesson:

Don't cop an attitude! Be able and willing to let go of life's adversities and stresses... Because clinging to them, and / or worrying to much is just not healthy.

Curse god, curse yourself = A bad attitude only hurts yourself.


I composed a similar concept regarding Noah and the Ark here:

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  1. This is a very interesting way to see it. I might give that book another read with this new insight.
    As I remember it right now it seems (or was taught this way) as a story to show that you should not stray away from god, no matter what tests are thrown your way.