26 April, 2012

The burden of proof

When we stake our egos, hope or identities on specific claims, that we create needless problems... Because then anything that threatens the claim also threatens us. The burden of proof becomes threatening because having to justify the claim risks discovering that we can't do so. In this way our ability to assess the claim becomes fatefully undermined by our personal need for it to be true whether or not it has valid support.

If, on the other hand, we commit ourselves, not to specific claims, but to refining knowledge, we can watch claims gather support or collapse without the burden of proof posing any personal threat.

From the QualiaSoup YouTube Channel

"Atheism is a religion just like 'OFF' is a TV channel"

Theists become so entrenched in what they unquestioningly / blindly accept, that trying to get them to examine their reasoning is akin trying to get an addict to consider cessation of their chosen intoxicant. 

In both cases the only way to maintain the affliction is to seek out more of the narcotic, and larger doses.

"Die Religion... ist das Opium des Volkes"
"Religion is the opiate of the masses"
"Religion is the opium of the masses"
"Religion is the opium of the people"

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