18 January, 2012

'Content Creators' opining against file sharing

Copyright Laws are a scam!!!

The one thing that seems to be overlooked by 'content creators' opining against file sharing is that the impact this technology has on actual revenue cannot be fairly estimated.

Well over 90% of file sharing is done by individuals who have no intention what-so-ever of spending their money to obtain such data.

If such content / data were not available in a convenient way at no cost... 

Most people would not seek it out at any price... 
Others would dismiss it out-of-hand...
It would show as a mere blip on the radar.
These options generates just as much revenue as does sharing files, with the added benefit of eliminating exposure to some beautiful artwork and powerful perspectives.

Is it really worthwhile for the 'Content Creator' to cling so tightly to the financial reward aspect in order to limit and restrict the exposure they need?

After all, it is the achievement of recognition that keeps them creating in the first place - if the content creator aspires to make money doing it... There are many who create out of 'passion' and for no other real reason.

Popularity and exposure are what draw in those who will pay the source of that creativity.

The biggest issue preventing a creator from being adequately compensated in the first place is the number of middlemen that insist on latching on to the process.

These middlemen are who make it rich, and are able to afford millions to pay off politicos who will push things like SOPA, PIPA etc.

These middlemen don't give a shit about the 'content creator'... They care about staying in the middle and reaping their cut. They cry alligator tears and invoke 'content creators' as the reason for those tears... But there is no truth to those pleadings.

SOPA and PIPA type legislative initiatives intend to do one thing for certain... Make an outdated business model into law, so these middlemen can continue to get rich off the work of the creator.

Otherwise supporting that antiquated paradigm is patently un-American because it: inhibits innovation and production, provides an unfair advantage to those outside of the process.

Once that business model is killed off, and thus the cloud of middlemen are removed from the creative process... Content Creators will be in a much better position to make a living off of their work.

Until Content Creators realize that they are enslaved - Seeing this game for what it is will never happen.

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