21 September, 2011

Disable unwanted Android Apps: HTC G2

AT YOUR OWN RISK (these worked for me on my G2)

Of course you gotta have 'ROOT' to do this...
NOTE: You do not need to stay root after you are done disabling - These changes will remain.

On my HTC G2 I use 'VISIONary' for root. (GIS)
'VISIONary' used to be in the market... now you have to look for it.. (GIS)

Install a 'Terminal Emulator' from the market.

Get root, run terminal emulator...

Enter super user:

Here are all of the apps listed out. you can 'pm disable com.' any packages in this list (but don't do anything foolish, m'kay!) :
pm list packages

CAREFULLY type the following commands to disable any of the apps you just don't want to see anymore!:

pm disable com.tmobile.selfhelp
pm disable com.google.android.maps.mytracks
pm disable com.google.android.apps.unveil
pm disable com.google.android.apps.listen
pm disable com.htc.web2goshortcut
pm disable com.amazon.mp3
pm disable com.google.android.apps.googlevoice
pm disable com.photobucket.android
pm disable com.htc.android.htcsetupwizard
pm disable com.google.android.apps.finance
pm disable com.twitter.android
pm disable com.google.android.apps.translate

This is the News and Weather App
pm disable com.google.android.apps.genie.geniewidget

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